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Hidden in the Heartland
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When you peel back the pre,Columbian history of the United States, you just might find the Book of Mormon. Millions of people worldwide believe in the Book of Mormon. But where did it take place? Some scholars believe the events that unfold in the Book of Mormon may have happened right here in North America. In this exciting documentary series, filmmaker Kels Goodman explores archaeological and historical evidence of people who lived in the United States long before the arrival of Columbus and the possible connections of these people with the Book of Mormon. With topics including manifest destiny, the origin of the Central American model, Hebrew in ancient America, and the American covenant, Hidden in the Heartland provides a compelling argument to an alternative perspective as to where the events of the Book of Mormon took place.
Disc 1
  • Episode 1: Who Are the Hopewell Moundbuilders?
  • Episode 2: The Origin of the Central American Model
  • Episode 3: Manifest Destiny
  • Episode 4: Hebrew in America
Disc 2
  • Episode 5: The Great Earthquake of 1811,1812
  • Episode 6: America, The Covenant Land
  • Episode 7: The Kinderhook Plates
  • Bonus: "America Revealed"