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His Accidental Bride
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  • SKU: 1233629 His Accidental Bride

    Carolyn Twede Frank


Dorothy Bednar is living a life she despises. Forced to work as a double-dealing saloon girl, she has finally had enough. The next train out of town is her ticket to freedom, and Dorothy jumps aboard without a thought for where she's going until she meets a kind woman aboard the train. Her fellow passenger was originally traveling to Colorado to marry a man she's never met, but her cold feet offer Dorothy the perfect opportunity to set up roots somewhere new. She soon finds herself posing as the mail-order bride-after all, marrying a stranger can't be worse than what she left behind.

Young Colorado lawyer Ronald Smith is astonished when he spies the lovely woman who comes to greet him-the woman who is to be his wife. Dorothy is beyond Ronald's wildest dreams, a kindhearted partner eager to be a homemaker and mother. To Dorothy, Ronald is the most gentlemanly man she's ever met'a man who makes her feel safe and cherished. What begins as a deception soon deepens into true love, but too soon, Dorothy's secret past threatens the beautiful life she's built- a life that feels truer than anything she's ever known.