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  • SKU: 1202526 Home to Somersby

    Anita Stansfield


Hazel Mae Hollingsworth is devastated following the unexpected death of her father, and she can’t shake a sense of foreboding when the family solicitor arrives at the estate. Her intuition turns out to be well-founded, for her father’s will reveals a long-held family secret—Hazel’s entire life has been a lie. Within hours of receiving the news, she is turned out by the man she once called her brother, dispossessed with little more than her mother’s instruction to seek refuge with her father’s sister.

Refuge she finds and so much more. Hazel is overwhelmed by the kind welcome she receives from Aunt Madge and her family, who warmly invite her into their fold. With the loving support of family, Hazel begins to untangle the mysterious circumstances surrounding her birth. She finds a renewed sense of peace as she rebuilds the puzzle of her life and embarks on a romance she never expected. But when the shocking truth of her heritage is revealed, Hazel is forced to reconcile her painful past with the future she envisions.

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