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I Saw the Hosts of the Dead
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  • SKU: 1220940 I Saw the Hosts of the Dead


A historical documentary film celebrating President Joseph F. Smith's vision of the redemption of the dead.

Received as a vision by President Joseph F. Smith on October 3, 1928, section 138 of the Doctrine and Covenants stands not only as a witness of Christ's divine mission to save souls in the spirit world but also as a testament to the life and mission of one of the most influential prophets of the twentieth century.

The historical context of the vision coming to President Smith in the same year as the tragic deaths of his eldest son, Hyrum Mack Smith, and his wife, Ida, makes this story poignant on a personal level. Add to this that World War I intersects with the influenza pandemic of 1918—both world events that took the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians. Out of these personal sorrows and global suffering came a glorious vision of light and hope that reaffirmed God's love for all mankind, living and dead.

Regular Version Run Time: 30 mins
Extended Version Run Time: 50 mins