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Ilana's Wish
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  • SKU: 834933 Ilana's Wish

    Annette Lyon


On the surface, Ilana Goldstein leads an enviable life: she has a thriving career and a happy marriage to a handsome doctor. All that's missing is a baby, an emptiness that will surely be filled with time . . .

Then, in an instant, her life falls apart. Now, beneath Ilanas once flawless exterior hides a dark secret that may destroy the woman who seemed to have it all. Following a rapid succession of crushing trials, Ilana turns to prescription medications to take the edge off her agony—both the ache of her body and the anguish of her soul. But when her desperation to dull the pain leads to the downward spiral of addiction, her friends in the Newport Ladies Book Club must do whatever it takes to save one of their own. Will Ilana's devastating losses bring about her own self-destruction, or will the loving determination of friends and family lend her the strength to overcome?