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I'm Not His Style
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  • SKU: 1415810 I'm Not His Style

    Kasey Stockton


Real men only ever let Beth Parker down. From her absentee father to her current dating pool, Beth has learned over and over again that the only men she can count on are on TV. Specifically, celebrity heartthrob Rhett Myers. Why spend tears and heartache on real relationships when Rhett’s characters, who will never let her down, are available at the push of a button? Which is why she’s over the moon to network her way into a job doing hair and makeup for a well-known actress—who also happens to work alongside Rhett. Who knows—maybe Beth will get a chance to find out if he’s the same perfect gentleman offscreen that he is on it.

When Beth dreams of meeting Rhett, pajamas and zero makeup do not play a starring role in her fantasy. Unfortunately, that’s exactly the first impression she makes when she runs into him at the worst possible time. Luckily, their anti-meet-cute is just the beginning of their acquaintance. When Beth is tasked with styling Rhett himself, she quickly learns that there is an incredible man beneath the charming veneer. A friendship develops between them, but even as they toe the line of romance, Beth struggles to imagine a future together. In Hollywood, the boundary between fact and fiction is often blurred. How can she determine what is acting and what is real?

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