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In Defense of Truth
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Ever since the origin of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter,day Saints, Church members have experienced religious and physical persecution. Today's persecution comes from attacks by "Christian scholars. " Using media technology, they spread false claims about the LDS Church and its teachings to large audiences. This DVD gives a believer's point of view on those teachings. Testimonies of common mainstream Church members complement those of scholars who have made these beliefs their professional study. The presentation answers the following questions:  Who was Joseph Smith? Was he a fraud?  What is the Book of Mormon? Was it written by Joseph Smith, or did he really translate it from golden plates through divine inspiration?  Are Mormons Christians?  Is Mormonism a cult?  Are Mormon youth forced to serve Church missions?  What is the status of women in the LDS Church?  What is the basis for anti,Mormon materials? Also, join James B. Allen, well,known LDS Church historian, for a brief tour of Church historical sites and a narrative of the events that occurred at those sites. Dr. Allen explains how Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon gives an account of the early group of believers who established the LDS Church and relates the martyrdom of the Church's first prophet.