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Jesus Christ in The Book of Mormon
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A vivid historical chronicle, the Book of Mormon documents the rise and fall of early civilizations and the waxing and waning of their faith. But at its core, this sacred volume of scripture was foreordained to come forth in these latter days with a fundamental purpose: to teach of Jesus Christ, to testify of Him, and to rejoice in the power of His atoning sacrifice. In Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon, these plain and precious truths of the gospel are celebrated by renowned gospel scholar Dr. Susan Easton Black, who poses a profound question: Can Christ truly be found in each and every chapter of the Book of Mormon? From the roles and names of Christ to His physical attributes and demeanor and His infinite Atonement, this volume provides a wealth of information on lesser-known references to the Savior. Embark on a life-changing journey of faith as you discover the overwhelming presence of Jesus Christ not only in every chapter but also on virtually every page of the Book of Mormon.