SKU: 1240207 Joseph Smith's Histories in Harmony

Joseph Smith's Histories in Harmony
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  • SKU: 1240207 Joseph Smith's Histories in Harmony

    Patrick A. Bishop


Following many heavenly visions in upstate New York and Pennsylvania, Joseph Smith shared firsthand details of the life-changing events four different times. These accounts, documented both personally and by those with whom he shared his experience, comprise some lesserknown historical insights of the Prophet Joseph. Now, for the first time, each of the four main accounts of the Restoration of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been compiled into one historical narrative, allowing for a more complete understanding of Joseph Smith’s character and testimony. 

In Joseph Smith’s Histories in Harmony, readers are presented with a rich and comprehensive account of the events preceding Joseph’s visions—from the early years of the Smith family to the day the Church was restored. Taken together, these four first-person narratives will enable readers to experience the early life of Joseph Smith as never before—in his own words.

October 2020