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Joseph Smith Plates of Gold Blu-Ray
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  • SKU: 701860 Joseph Smith Plates of Gold Blu-Ray


Step into nineteenth,century New England and experience the story of one of the most influential men in religious history. At only twenty,one years of age, Joseph Smith Jr. received a prophetic revelation that he was to translate ancient scripture into what would be published as the Book of Mormon. But his calling is not without turmoil and sacrifice for both Joseph and his young bride, Emma. The pair must endure rejection and persecution as they labor to know and do the will of the Lord. This film is a must,see for Latter,day Saints or anyone who has heard the name of Joseph Smith. Director Christian Vuissa (The Errand of Angels, One Good Man) paints an intimate portrait of a complex man who, in spite of his human frailties, earnestly commits to serve God according to revelation he receives. You will be inspired by this touching true story of faith that chronicles the coming forth of the Book of Mormona story in which a rural farm boy is line upon line, precept upon precept, transformed into a prophet of God.