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    Nurturing a Healthy Happy and Eternal Marriage

    Mark D. Ogletree


You had the perfect reception. The perfect honeymoon. In short, the perfect start to wedded bliss. But what happens after the honeymoon when your real life together begins? In Just Married, LDS marriage and family therapist Dr. Mark Ogletree addresses this question with a wealth of engaging and encouraging instruction for newly married couples. The broad spectrum of advice details some of the most common concerns faced in the early days of marriage, including:

Marital expectations
Healthy communication
Conflict resolution
Learning to deal with differences
Love languages

Each chapter is full of practical and proven tools for improving any marriage. Just Married includes quotes and stories from Church leaders as well as some of the latest research in the field of marriage. Also included are suggested supplemental readings and discussion prompts for couples.

Amid the abundance of tips, research, and insights shared in this inspiring book, the most valuable piece of advice can be summarized in one simple statement: the key to a happy marriage lies in learning to treat your spouse as the Savior would.