SKU: 376198 LDS Film Classics: Fourth Witness

LDS Film Classics: Fourth Witness
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  • SKU: 376198 LDS Film Classics: Fourth Witness


Fourth Witness is the compelling true story of Mary Whitmer's personal struggle as she supported Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery in the early days of the Restoration. Because of her faithfulness, she received a great privilege,she was shown the gold plates by an angel, becoming the "fourth witness" of the Book of Mormon. This little,known account will be an inspiration to all who faithfully serve in building up the kingdom.

Also included in this collection of classics are: Eliza and I, Richard Dutcher's moving film about Eliza R. Snow, beloved pioneer poet and leader of the women's Relief Society and Woman, The Pioneer, a unique and colorful tribute to the indomitable spirit of pioneer women. LDS Film Classics are stories of strength, courage, and faith. They teach compassion, understanding, and forgiveness. Whether you grew up watching these films or are just discovering them for the first time, you and your family will love their touching stories and their timeless messages.