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Learning to Fly
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  • SKU: 1415933 Learning to Fly

    Chalon Linton


Ten months ago, Kasie Foster broke up with the perfect man. Andrew Stoll was kind and supportive and sported amazing dimples. When Kasie prayed about a future with him, it didn’t feel right, so she walked away to pursue her theater dreams in the UK. Instead, she finds herself putting her plans on hold to help her recently widowered brother care for his young son on a remote air force base in Texas. She has no regrets. London can wait a year. But when an awkward chance encounter with her college sweetheart resurrects memories of what could have been, she struggles to keep buried the complicated feelings that arise whenever Andrew shares his dimpled smile.

Kasie is the last person Andrew expects to see during his intense year of pilot training with the United States Air Force. Once upon a time, he was head over heels for her, and when they parted ways back then, he had no choice in the matter. But after their shocking reunion, he finds himself incessantly brought into her orbit. It’s impossible not to see their reunion as fate—a second chance at love—and he vows to fight for her affection. But navigating the path forward is no easier now than when she broke his heart in college. Because how can they build a life together when they’re still headed in opposite directions?

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