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Learning to Love Isaiah
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  • SKU: 1323863 Learning to Love Isaiah

    Kerry Muhlestein


The words of Isaiah abound with prophecies for both his time and ours. With insights so important that the Savior Himself cited this holy book of scripture more than once during His ministry, Isaiah contains messages that are clearly vital to our understanding of the gospel. But with its notoriously complicated symbolism, how do we begin to decipher this sacred ancient text? The answer can be found in Learning to Love Isaiah, a practical guidebook from BYU Professor of Religion Kerry Muhlestein: we can deepen our comprehension by studying the scriptures chapter by chapter and verse by verse.

Featuring a range of gospel resources as support, each point of doctrine in each individual verse of Isaiah is contextualized with clarity, simplifying the symbolism behind even the most enigmatic verses. This guide also provides tools and training to assist you in gaining more understanding on your own. By discerning the meaning of both past and future fulfillment of prophecy, readers will find plentiful personal applications of the prophet's words as they journey through the impactful holy book of Isaiah.