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Life and Times of Joseph Smith
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In this fascinating fireside talk on DVD, Richard Bushman, American historian and author of the bestselling biography, Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, presents his reflections on the life and times of the Prophet Joseph Smith. He describes the circumstances of Joseph's life and gives a sketch of his place in the world, the circumstances in which he lived, and what he had to overcome and deal with as a young man. "Because of his revelations, which we Latter,day Saints study as scripture, " says Brother Bushman, "we tend to think of Joseph Smith as someone who was not part of this world. Of course, he was part of this world. He got sick frequently he met defeats in his life he was thwarted and frustrated on more than one occasion. Yet he never lost sight of his mission. He was on an errand for the Lord. " At the end of the talk, Brother Bushman entertains questions from the audience, sharing insights gleaned from his decades of scholarship. The Life and Times of Joseph Smith will be a valuable tool in your study of this beloved Prophet of God.