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Little Latter-day Saint Library Set
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Heavenly Parents
Introduce your little ones to their divine heritage with Heavenly Parents, the first book in the Little Latter-day Saint Library board-book set. This engaging book features age-appropriate discussions at three different learning levels on topics such as our Heavenly Parents, the plan of salvation, and the power of prayer. Combining lovely illustrations with gospel learning, this durable book is perfect for tiny hands to cherish as children discover who they are, who their Heavenly Parents are, and what their purpose is here on earth.

Jesus Christ
Teach your little ones to know and love the Savior with Jesus Christ, the newest addition to the must-have Little Latter-day Saint Library board-book series. Brimming with colorful illustrations, this delightful read- aloud provides an early introduction to the life, ministry, and Atonement of Jesus Christ. With the central message being Jesus's love and care, this sweet book is sure to be a treasured addition to your children's gospel-book collection.

The Holy Ghost
Who can create a feeling of comfort and peace in moments when you are sad, lonely, or afraid? Who can help you know the difference between right and wrong? Who speaks to your heart in a still, small voice? Featuring colorful artwork in a sturdy board-book format, this gentle introduction to the third member of the God head will allow even the youngest children to come to understand and recognize the Holy Ghost's purpose and influence in their own lives.