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Look Unto Him
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  • SKU: 1356793 Look Unto Him

    John Bytheway,Al Carraway,Jody Moore,  Hank Smith,Anthony Sweat,Eva Koleva Timothy


With its profound collection of art and essays, this powerful volume affords readers a glimpse into the personal experiences of well-known individuals striving to make Christ the focus of their faith.

"Though ours is a world of uncertainty, there is one unwavering source of support we can turn to for relief. The Savior of the World stands immovable and ever ready to help us through our mortal journey―all that is required is to look unto Him and live.

Look Unto Him, an extraordinary collection of essays and stunning artwork of the Savior’s ministry, affords readers a profound glimpse into the ways in which individuals look to Christ in their own lives. Featuring narratives penned by five well-beloved authors as well as featured artist Eva Koleva Timothy, each entry kindles hope and inspiration through poignant scriptures and the writer’s personal experiences and sacred testimony. With insights into the scope of Christ’s love and concern for all Heavenly Father’s children, this volume’s impressive artwork and accompanying written witnesses serve as powerful reminders of the Savior’s invitation to look unto Him as the focus of our faith."