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Journal Missionary Seeking the One
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  • SKU: 610346 Journal Missionary Seeking the One

    Liz Lemon Swindle


Filled with practical and insightful applications for prospective missionaries,or anyone with a desire to bring souls unto Christ,this supplemental workbook parallels Church missionary study materials and will help deepen the reader's understanding of gospel concepts while teaching specific skills for effective missionary work.

With a positive, helpful tone, Richard Allen presents insightful quotes and powerful case studies along with relevant, substantive ideas about not only what to expect in the mission field but how to prepare to share the gospel. Using insights gleaned from years of teaching mission preparation classes, the author illustrates simply how one can develop practical applications to strengthen resolve, enhance understanding, improve memory, and boost proselytizing productivity.

The Mission Prep Study Guide is ideal for prospective missionaries, missionaries in action, ward mission leaders, and mission prep class leaders. Readers will learn to ponder with purpose and prepare by the Spirit as they actively work toward developing themselves spiritually and temporally for successful service in the Lord's kingdom.