SKU: 580403 Mortal Messiah: Vol 2

Mortal Messiah: Vol 2
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  • SKU: 580403 Mortal Messiah: Vol 2

    Bruce R. McConkie


Come to a deeper understanding of the scope and meaning of Jesus Christ's ministry in Volume 2 of this highly readable and beautifully illustrated series. Through Elder McConkie's fluent writing style, you'll discover how every word the Savior spoke, every action He took, and even the timing of His experiences are wonderful parts of the Master's divine plan. Written by a man of God who was called as a special witness of Jesus Christ, The Mortal Messiah examines the mission, ministry, and accomplishments of our Savior. Delving into the Savior's Galilean ministry and reviewing the Sermon on the Mount and much of the Pharisaic opposition, volume two of The Mortal Messiah will provide readers with valuable insights.