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    Signs of the Times Second Coming Millennium

    Matthew B. Brown


Prophecies of the signs of the times, the Second Coming, and the Millennium have been made available to Latter,day Saints in great abundance. They are to be found threaded throughout the scriptures of the Restoration and also in the inspired words of Church leaders. But they are not just to be given a passing thought or a cursory examination. The Lord Jesus Christ has admonished His disciples to be instructed more perfectly "in all things pertaining to the kingdom of God, " which includes "things which must shortly come to pass " (D&C 88:77,79).

On the pages of this intriguing, insightful, and instructive book, readers will learn:
, The nature of the council to be held at Adam,ondi,Ahman
, Parables of preparation for the Lord's return, final judgment, and reward
, The governmental structure that will hold sway during the Millennium
, Signs that are associated with the battle of Armageddon
, The purposes behind the scourging of the earth
, The identification of the 144,000 high priests on Mount Zion
, Scriptural patterns that help to clarify the meaning of several prophecies
, Mythology that is associated with the last days
, And much more . . .