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Rebekah and Isaac
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  • SKU: 1403381 Rebekah and Isaac

    H.B. Moore


Despite multiple offers of marriage, Rebekah has yet to find the man she wants to spend her life with. Desperate for guidance, she turns to prayer—and her supplication is answered in a way she never imagines. While drawing water from a nearby well, Rebekah learns of a man seeking a wife. She’s certain this chance meeting is an answer to her prayers, and she agrees to marry a man she’s never even seen.

Isaac dreams of a settled life with a righteous woman—but he can’t deny the trepidation he feels at the thought of marrying a complete stranger. When Rebekah arrives after an arduous journey, the betrothed finally meet—both hoping for a true connection. The hand of the Lord is evident in their miraculous union, but learning to trust and love is not the only adventure that awaits them. The Egyptian militia is on the move, and it’s up to Isaac to ensure that his tribe and his new wife are protected.

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