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Rescuing Wayward Children
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  • SKU: 557023 Rescuing Wayward Children

    Larry Barkdull


Spiritual waywardness is epidemic. If your child has gone astray, you are not alone! In fact, you are in good company. Some of the best parents who have ever lived have struggled with wayward children. Providentially, this epidemic was foretold in the scriptures,and a remedy was prescribed. Once parents become acquainted with this redemptive principle, miracles often happen. In this groundbreaking book, author Larry Barkdull investigates the unique latter,day conditions that affect parenting. He then explores the tools that become available to parents when gospel principles are applied,tools that infuse parents with spiritual power. Because the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only solution for spiritual waywardness, the author uses the words of the prophets and the messages of the scriptures to give parents perspective, spiritual power, and hope.