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Resistance Movement
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Resistance Movement tells the incredible true story of Helmuth Hubener, Rudi Wobbe, and Karl,Heinz Schnibbe, three teenagers driven to tell the truth when they discover the Nazi regime is lying to the German people. They create the Helmuth Hubener group , the youngest,known resistance cell of World War II,and spread anti,Nazi leaflets throughout Hamburg, including posting them on Nazi bulletin boards. Fifteen,year,old Rudi is confident the small group can shed light on Hitler's wrongdoings. But when the Gestapo arrests them, Rudi, Helmuth, and Karl,Heinz are unprepared for the brutality and rigidity of the Nazi regime, and each has his faith severely tested. Accused of treason, the trio faces the infamous blood tribunal, and their lives are placed in the hands of Nazi party loyalists. You will be inspired by the faith and courage of three young LDS men as they fight against Hitler.