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Running Down Your Dreams
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  • SKU: 770743 Running Down Your Dreams

    Hank Smith


Hank Smith has been entertaining and inspiring his listeners for years with talks that teach important gospel principles in unique and memorable ways. In Running Down Your Dreams, Hank is back with a powerful message about setting goals, overcoming obstacles, achieving dreams, and, most important, following the Savior. He reminds listeners to remember their divine heritage. "If you want something to happen in your life, make it happen. You are the children of a Creator,He expects you to create. " Using the analogy of a marathon, Hank shares stories and examples of ways we can "finish the race. " He points out that we can have a positive influence on others when we strive to achieve our goals. "If you want to inspire your family and your friends, don't just be their cheerleader," says Brother Smith. "Show them how to break through limitations, and they will follow you. They will want to do it just like you have done. " Running Down Your Dreams shares a life,changing message of inspiration and motivation that the whole family will enjoy.