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Saints Around the World
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The latter,day work of spreading the gospel has led to millions of Saints around the world joining the Church and receiving the blessings of the Restoration. Saints Around the World is a collection of four one,hour videos that tell of the rise of the Church in different parts of the world. Each segment shares stories of faith, courage, and endurance that will move and inspire you. Titles include:

Fortress of Faith, the history of the Church in what was once called East Germany. Five years in production, this film traces the historical roots of the gospel in Germanic lands.

Islands of Love, People of Faith is the tender story of the Latter,day Saint Polynesians. Woven among the breathtaking landscapes are dramatic tales of faith, sacrifice and service in Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa, French Polynesia (Tahiti), and New Zealand.

The Kingdom and the Crown traces the significant contributions of the British Saints and their ancestors.

The Korean Saints: Testimonies of Faith profiles the history of the Church in Korea through the testimonies of those who were there at its foundation. Their stories will uplift and enrich you with hope and promise.