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  • SKU: 717540 Sisters

    A Modern Girl's Guide to Serving a Mission

    Melissa Dymock


As they enter adulthood, many LDS women face a challenging question: should I serve a mission? This deeply personal choice becomes even more complex in light of other opportunities such as advanced education, employment, and starting a family. Inside Sisters: The Modern Girl's Guide to Serving a Mission is what every prospective sister missionary deserves: a thoughtful "older,sister" to help her find the right answer to that vital question of whether to serve a full,time mission,and, if the answer is yes, to help her understand how to prepare both spiritually and temporally, what to expect, and how to succeed. Returned missionary Melissa Dymock leads readers step by step through the transition into mission life, from packing bags to surviving the MTC to thriving in the field, and offers insights from a variety of experienced missionaries on how to make the most of missionary experience. There's even a glossary of mission terms, a collection of recipes for easy eating on the job, and advice on making a smooth transition back home once those "best eighteen months" draw to a close. This comprehensive resource will enlighten and encourage any LDS woman who stands at the crossroads of missionary service.