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Strength Through Adversity
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  • SKU: 869867 Strength Through Adversity

    Brent L. Top


Why did this happen to me? Why now? What did I do to deserve this? It seems so unfair! These expressions are familiar; the suffering and trials that prompt such sentiments are universal human experiences. But where are the answers? The wounds of the soul require more than the "Band-Aid" philosophies offered by the world; they call for a source of healing that only God can provide.

Strength through Adversity explores the healing principles that God has given to help us understand and endure adversity. Addressing the universal Why? questions, Bent L. Top discusses three main causes of suffering—man's agency, natural law, and authentic acts of God—and their relationship to the plan of salvation. Perhaps even more important, this book deals with the universal What? question—"What can I do to find peace and consolation?" With insights from scriptures and modern-day prophets—many of whom have known great personal suffering in their own lives—you will find powerful insights for overcoming setbacks and experiencing genuine growth in adversity.