SKU: 603379 Surviving Your Blessings

Surviving Your Blessings
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  • SKU: 603379 Surviving Your Blessings

    Learning to Laugh in the Face of Life's Storms

    Lynn C. Jaynes


Great blessings come in the most unlikely packages. Just ask Lynn Jaynes, the middle,aged marvel who burns every casserole, practices the fine art of meltdowns, and learns about the Atonement from the ghost who haunts her car. In this volume of wise and witty reflections, Lynn confronts spiritual tsunamis, proclaims universal laws (#1: Your relationships are not half as messed up as some in the ward), and highlights the sweet struggles of motherhood and Mormon life. True, Lynn does not have an ancestor who pulled a handcart, got frostbite, or was buried on the plains, but she does come from a long line of mostly good Latter,day Saints who tried to remember whether or not Captain Moroni was the same Moroni who abridged the golden plates. And in these pages she carries on the grand legacy with insight to make you think, spirit to make you smile, and humor to make you laugh 'til you cry. Surviving your blessings has never been so much fun!