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The Atoning One
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The Atonement of Jesus Christ is and should be at the very center of all we teach. Everything else is peripheral. Everything else is either connected to this central, saving truth or it has no power to bless or change us. It is vital that we understand that through this singular act by our loving Lord, we can be reawakened, redeemed, reclaimed, and restored when we fall short or wander off the gospel path. At the same time, we must recognize that although the Lord s Atonement is at the heart of God s plan, we cannot and should not attribute everything good that happens in our lives to that Atonement. Both the first and third members of the Godhead have a myriad of ways in which They too bless the children of our Father in Heaven. In The Atoning One, acclaimed author and experienced educator Robert L. Millet describes the mystery and majesty of who Jesus Christ is His singular saving role in the plan of salvation how the Father and the Holy Ghost are inextricably linked with Christ in the redemption of humankind, and how members of the Church can come to comprehend and rely on divine grace. As Brother Millet teaches, we rejoice in the fact that Latter,day Saints are now more Christ,centered and Atonement,centered than ever before, but we must ensure that how we talk about and approach our Savior s offering is done with care. This book on provides insightful guidance for deepening your understanding and appreciation of the Savior s ultimate gift.