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    Seeking Earnestly for Spiritual Power

    Zachary M. Hutchins


The spiritual gifts of the Holy Ghost are available to all those who love the Lord and seek after righteousness. But what are these gifts, and how can their power be harnessed? Discover answers in The Best Gifts: Seeking Earnestly for Spiritual Power, an inspiring guide to recognizing, appreciating, and developing spiritual gifts in our lives. Besides drawing upon scriptural references and prophetic council, author Zachary M. Hutchins also incorporates a wealth of modern-day examples to lend contemporary applicability to gospel principles. From the psychology behind our ability to always remember Him to scriptural case studies of those who successfully developed spiritual gifts, this book breathes new life into eternally significant concepts. Cultivate a renewed determination to seek the gifts of the Spirit in your journey along the covenant path by coming to recognize the God-given power available to all who will follow Him.