SKU: 1233193 The Dowry of Lady Eliza

The Dowry of Lady Eliza
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  • SKU: 1233193 The Dowry of Lady Eliza

    Anita Stansfield


Eliza Melodious Grenville's wedding day has finally arrived, and the church bells ring out in anticipation of the glorious event. Eliza has eagerly awaited her pictureperfect nuptials, but there is just one problem: Joshua, her groom, is nowhere to be found. After Joshua's brother, Matthias, calls for the police, Eliza awaits word. But when the news arrives, all her hopes for wedded bliss come crashing down: her betrothed has been located in aLondon alley. Murdered.

Soon, Eliza learns that beneath the polished facade, theman she very nearly married lived a double life- a life that he gambled . . . and lost. Though Eliza and Matthias were innocent bystanders to Joshua's indiscretions, it is they who are left to pick up the pieces. As they learn to rely on each other through their shared trials, they are surprised to find themselves on an unexpected path of friendship and love. But even as they envision building a life together, the echoes of the past threaten to rob them of the promise of a shared future.

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