SKU: 1055771 The Gospels in Harmony

The Gospels in Harmony
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  • SKU: 1055771 The Gospels in Harmony

    Patrick A. Bishop


The Gospels in Harmony takes the accounts from Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as well as the Joseph Smith Translation and combines them into one flowing narrative of the life of Christ. The text is color coordinated to quickly show which Gospel writer provided the text and which clarifications came from Joseph Smith. One of the richest ways we can experience the scriptures is to follow Jesus Christ through His ministry as presented in the four Gospels. Now it is easier than ever to study the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John with The Gospels in Harmony, a beautiful fully illustrated book that weaves together scripture to create an easy-to-follow chronological and detailed narrative of the Savior's ministry. In this valuable source of wisdom and inspiration, text from each of the four King James Gospel sources is identified with a unique color, and the Joseph Smith Translation of the Gospels is further identified with an underline. The result is an enlightening guide through the life, teachings, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ that reveals essential gospel truths while enhancing understanding of the New Testament in a way that is perfect for family or personal study.