SKU: 286954 History of Joseph Smith by His Mother

History of Joseph Smith by His Mother
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  • SKU: 286954 History of Joseph Smith by His Mother

    Lucy Mack Smith


In this incomparable classic, Lucy Mack Smith, the mother of the prophet Joseph, takes a tender look back at the extraordinary life of her son. She relates with stirring personal detail the events that shaped his character, as well as the visions and miracles of the gospel restoration that reshaped the world.

Through the eyes of a devoted mother, we see the remarkable family into which Joseph was born, the hardships and privations that plagued them at every turn, and the heavenly calling that would eventually lead to Joseph's martyrdom. From the heartbreaking description of young Joseph's leg surgery, Mother Smith follows the trail of miracles to which she was witness and offers her own powerful testimony of Joseph Smith's prophetic calling.

Of this history, President Joseph F. Smith said that it "contains much interesting and valuable information, found in no other publication, relating to the life of the prophet Joseph Smith. . . . Both old and young will be pleased as well as benefited by the perusal of its pages."

To read this book is to know Joseph Smith more intimately and to be inspired by the insights and stories surrounding the events of this beloved prophet's life.