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The House of the Lord
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  • SKU: 450256 The House of the Lord

    James E. Talmage


Penned by perhaps the most eloquent and prolific writer of the early twentieth,century LDS Apostles, this Collector's Edition of The House of the Lord contains the complete text from the original 1912 printing along with 12 beautiful color plates from well,known artists. This edition also includes stunning pictures of every LDS temple, as well as the dedication date for each temple and an excerpt from each dedicatory prayer.

For nearly a century, this monumental classic has been the cornerstone for the understanding of Latter,day Saint temples. Originally commissioned by the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter,day Saints in 1911, this work is addressed to all who were interested,LDS Church members and nonmembers alike. It was first intended to explain temple practices and beliefs to the general public and to counter current rumors about what happened inside LDS temples.

With readable, logical, and elegant prose, Elder James E. Talmage reflects the LDS understanding that latter,day temples are a continuation of temple building and temple worship from antiquity. He tells the history of temple worship, explains why we need temples today, and discusses temple ordinances,framing these concepts within the larger principles and ordinances of the gospel. A volume well worth reading and rereading, The House of the Lord is an ideal introduction for those preparing to enter the temple for the first time as well as a wonderful reminder for those who have attended hundreds of times.