SKU: 1211054 The Masked Baron

The Masked Baron
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  • SKU: 1211054 The Masked Baron

    Anneka R. Walker


"Romance, suspense, and the supernatural effectively intertwine in this captivating Regency." –Publishers Weekly

Andalin is accustomed to her father's frequent travels and to being left behind. So when he returns home and instructs her to pack her belongings, she is bewildered, but there is no time for questions as she is whisked away on a mysterious journey under the cover of night. When their tense flight leads them into the forbidding Black Forest, the pair quickly find themselves in great peril. With little hope of escape, father and daughter are spared when rescue appears in the form of the mysterious Dark Rider, a notorious deadly highwayman feared by all he meets. But his assistance does not come without a price: he is taking Andalin with him. Now her fate rests in the hands of the enigmatic masked man whose secrets are inescapably tied to the beautiful young woman now in his charge.

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