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The Meaning of Temples
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  • SKU: 384261 The Meaning of Temples

    Hugh Nibley


Speaking of Hugh Nibley, Truman G. Madsen said: "If there is a major preoccupation in his life, certainly over the last twenty to twenty,five years, it has been the temple. His task has been to study world ritual, to look at ceremony as it relates to temples all over the world, going as far back as possible in antiquity. Experience has taught me that this man loves what he is writing about. We occasionally have the opportunity to go to the temple with him and even to have a word or two with him afterward over a meal or sometimes within the temple itself. He is always focused and full of concentration during that experience. He listens and he comes out as ebullient, joyous, and radiant as a child would be after the morning of Christmas. He is proof that there are depths beyond depths, insights beyond insights, glories beyond glories in the temple, which many of us have not yet plumbed. "

In this fascinating lecture, Hugh Nibley combines his faith and his scholarship to introduce deep insights on the meaning of temples.