SKU: 364690 The Myth We Call Perfection

The Myth We Call Perfection
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  • SKU: 364690 The Myth We Call Perfection

    John L. Lund


" Be ye therefore perfect. " We have all heard the commandment, but how well do we understand what is required of us? In this enlightening and uplifting talk, Dr. John L. Lund gives us the assurance that our best efforts are all that the Lord asks us to do. "A lot of people have bought into the ideal that if everything isn't absolutely perfect, then we're not good enough and we're never going to be good enough. It's almost as if we think we belong to the `Church of the Perfect Family' and if you don't have a perfect family you don't qualify" says Brother Lund. Quoting Elder McConkie he says, "Perfectionism has afflicted the Church greatly and there are many who have lost hope because they have set a standard that neither they nor anyone else can measure up to. " Dr. Lund's warm message offers hope that we can be perfect in this life. . . perfectly adequate, and that's good enough!