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The Sabbath
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The powerful principle of appropriate Sabbath,day worship is vital to the happiness and eternal progression of the Lord's children. However, the call to keep the Sabbath holy can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and visions of lengthy lists of prohibited activities. In The Sabbath: His Gift to Us, Our Gift to Him, nine prominent Latter,day Saints,,from bestselling authors to gospel scholars,,look beyond the lists of do's and don'ts to address the true spirit of Sabbath,day observance.

This compilation of doctrinal guidance, prophetic counsel, and personal testimony serves as a sweet reminder that the Sabbath is a sacred giftmost importantly, it is a day full of possibilities for personal and spiritual growth. Learn to make the Sabbath day a delight as you find joy in service, build your spiritual reservoir with stud, and strengthen your relationship with the Savior by joyfully remembering Him.