SKU: 650175 The Ultimate Dating Idea Book

The Ultimate Dating Idea Book
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  • SKU: 650175 The Ultimate Dating Idea Book

    Blair Tolman


Planning a date with a special someone? Need activity ideas for a group date? Then this is the perfect guide for you! Look inside for more than 650 creative, inexpensive ways to have fun and make memories no matter what the weather or occasion. You'll find games and outings to suit a variety of ages and interests, as well as innovative ideas for dating couples and others to share meals and hobbies, enjoy arts and sports, celebrate holidays, and give service. Suggestions range from the outrageous to the inspirational some require props and preparation, while others are simple and spontaneous (whipped cream and trampolines, anyone?).

In addition to providing teens and young adults with great alternatives to hanging out or watching movies, this volume makes a great resource for those planning parties, ward activities, youth events, or family reunions ,, or just about anyone who's looking for good, clean fun.