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The Wishing Garden
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  • SKU: 723473 The Wishing Garden

    Anita Stansfield


After a tragic car accident claims the life of her husband and one of her adopted twin daughters, Mary Jane Cranford,Bewkes reluctantly moves in with her ailing father. A bigoted and ill,tempered man, he had removed Mary from his will years before when she adopted two Latina girls, and he is cruel to the granddaughter now living in his home. Nonetheless he grants Mary permission to restore her deceased mother's long,neglected garden to its previous state of beauty. Mary hires a gardener named Whit Eden, a man with Hispanic heritage and a troubled past who is now a faithful practicing Mormon. Although Whit is much younger than Mary, she finds herself increasingly drawn to him as they work side by side in the overgrown garden, and a surprising yet beautiful future together seems within reach. But when her father is assaulted with a weapon bearing Whit's fingerprints, prejudice rears its ugly head and threatens to tear the couple apart.

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