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  • SKU: 1403411 This Above All

    Dana LeCheminant


Emma Mackenzie wants nothing more than an independent life, and she’s well on her way to securing it. But one thing stands in her way: Nicholas Forester, the man with whom she’s in competition for her grandfather’s land and money. If Nick can find a wife, that is. Her plan is simple: she will prevent him from forming any attachments and claiming the inheritance that is rightfully hers.

Nick will settle for nothing less than the deepest love—but there’s a catch. He must marry before the year is out if he is to inherit a great fortune. When he meets a lively young woman during his visit to the country, their attraction is immediate. Almost as immediate as his regret when he realizes that the woman is none other than Emma, the one person who could ruin his financial future.

As a web of secrets begins to unravel and romantic subterfuge ensues, Nick and Emma find themselves unlikely allies. When Emma learns that she, too, is required to wed before she can claim the inheritance, she sees only one scenario in which everyone gets what they want. But with everything she’s done to get in Nick’s way, the task before her may prove impossible. She must convince him to marry her.

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