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To Witness Easter
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  • SKU: 1332995 To Witness Easter

    Lynne Hilton Wilson,Rachelle Pace Castor,Shari Griffiths


What would it have been like to walk alongside Jesus Christ during the last days of His mortal ministry? In To Witness Easter, readers are invited to experience the culmination of the Savior's life in a masterful narrative account of His final week, as seen through the eyes of Joanna, a biblical woman who traveled with Jesus and was at the tomb on Easter morning, according to Luke's Gospel. Her witness is an invitation for all disciples to follow the Redeemer of the World.

Step into the historical setting of first-century Jerusalem to witness the thoughts and feelings that a disciple of Christ may have experienced during that momentous Easter week, and renew your own faith with this unique testament to love, loss, and the unconquerable hope that is ours through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.