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Tutored in Love
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  • SKU: 1394337 Tutored in Love

    Barbara J. Adamson


I hate dating. It’s exhausting. I’m socially exhausted.

Grace Ebert is focused on graduating college and launching her career as a recreational therapist, but one monumental challenge stands in her way: math. Desperate for help as she struggles to complete her final college course, she hires Noah Jennings to tutor her. Naturally outgoing, Grace is determined to get to know the surly math whiz, but when she pushes too hard for connection, Noah makes it painfully clear that they will never be friends and cuts ties with her.

Noah feels his rejection of Grace’s friendship is perfectly justified, but when he’s unexpectedly stuck working with her again, he can’t help but admire her caring heart and determination. As Noah addresses his mental health and Grace confronts her guilt, they form an undeniable bond over the similarity of their haunting grief; still, they must resolve the volatile past that stands between them if they hope to build a future together.