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  • SKU: 376549 Undercurrents

    Traci Hunter Abramson


Shaye has a closely guarded secret, but can she guard her heart?

Shaye Kendall, an Olympic-bound swimmer, has been in the witness protection program ever since she saw her boyfriend’s murder. She now has a new name, a new life, and strict orders not to reveal her identity.

But fitting into a community is hard when you can’t tell people anything about yourself. When she learns that one of her new friends, Matt Whitmore, shares her beliefs, she can’t even share the similarity with him. She doesn’t dare get involved. The fact that Matt’s father is a high-profile senator could give her the kind of exposure she doesn’t need. How can you fall in love when you can never reveal who you really are?

But when someone almost takes her life, she recognizes that whoever is after her knows exactly who and where she is. Can she trust Matt to help her? Can she trust his family?

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