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Until the Dawn
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  • SKU: 436694 Until the Dawn

    Gale Sears


The year is 1914 and the world hovers on the edge of a great war. Life in America is far from peaceful for members of the Lund family. As Alaina deals with the painful loss of her home and her father, she makes a desperate choice and finds herself in a strange city among people of a strange faith. Her husband is a good man,but a man she has never loved. As she copes with the emptiness she feels, something in her heart begins to change . . .

Meanwhile her sister Eleanor finds the lifestyle in San Francisco suffocating and without purpose. As she defies high,society rules and secretly attempts to stop the unnecessary suffering of children, she comes to find a passion in medicine. But when her actions are discovered, what will happen? Join gifted author Gale Sears in an eloquent and moving story of love, family, and forgiveness.