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Who We Are
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  • SKU: 1345100 Who We Are

    A Michael Flynn Film



When six college students respond separately to an email from well-known-author Oscar Fielding, the disparate group find themselves thrown together for a wintry weekend of discovery. The young adults have been invited to an upscale cabin nestled in the Rocky Mountains to help Fielding in his research for his next book. But when they arrive, Fielding isn’t there. In his place is a young filmmaker armed with a video camera, ready to document the weekend. His job is to see how they interact with one another and to document their individual journeys that brought them to where they are now. In the process, these six strangers discover that a dialogue about love, relationships, faith, past struggles, and conflicts leads them to uncover who they really are and what they truly believe.

Powerful, gripping, and great drama as well.

An A B Cam Films Production
Starring: Mason D. Davis, Alex Diaz, Kelsie, Elena, Scout Smith, Kenna Lynn Steward, And Cooper Sutton
Edited By: Charles Unic And Alan Sewright Director Of Photography Charles Unice
Executive Producer: Fred Danneman
Produced By Michael Flynn And Charles Unice
Written And Directed By Michael Flynn