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    Tamara Uzelac Hall


Far Above Rubies The Power and Promise of a Covenant-Keeping Woman

Proverb 31 is a brilliantly written
poem that shows how the Father feels about
His daughters—it unfolds
beautiful truths about
who we are as women and
why we are so important to Him.

Who can find a virtuous woman‭? ‬This is an age-old question that can both inspire and intimidate‭. ‬The saintly sister described in‭ ‬Proverbs 31‭ ‬is nothing short of astonishing‭: ‬an ideal wife and mother‭, ‬a valued contributor to society‭, ‬and a tireless proponent of all that is good and right‭. ‬In viewing these qualities as a goal‭, ‬women can often fall prey to this passage’s common outcome‭: ‬feelings of discouragement and inadequacy‭. ‬Many women are left to wonder‭, ‬Who could possibly embody such a perfect specimen of womanhood‭?‬

With Hebrew‭, ‬humor‭, ‬and reassurance‭, ‬author Tamara Uzelac Hall injects a much-needed dose of reality into women’s interpretation of this section of scripture with this truth‭: ‬all of us are virtuous‭. ‬This book teaches how to embrace the unique and impactful role you already play and will help you discover a truth that will change the way you view your life‭: ‬no matter‭ ‬your progress on the path‭, ‬thou art already a virtuous woman‭!‬