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Tamara Uzelac Hall grew up in Utah and Missouri. She fully intended to get married and raise her twelve children while putting her husband through medical school . . . but God had other plans. She went to college and received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from BYU. She served a mission in Fresno, California. Then she worked as a social worker until God steered her life in a completely different direction and she became a full-time seminary and institute teacher. After buying a house and settling nicely into a family ward, she was set up on yet another blind date, this one with a widower, which miraculously worked out and catapulted her into married life and the role of an insta-mom to two little girls. Currently, she and her husband are the parents of four girls and live in Utah. She is a host for Time Out for Women and a featured speaker at Temple Square Youth Conferences, and she also speaks at Retreat for Girls, girls camps, and BYU Women’s Conferences. She loves all things scriptural and is a lifelong student of the Hebrew language. A good flash mob makes her cry, she is a (self-proclaimed) champion Oreo eater, and she believes that cheese is God’s way of saying, “Hey, everything is going to be okay.”