SKU: 1408904 Jim and Katherine

Jim and Katherine
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  • SKU: 1408904 Jim and Katherine

    Traci Hunter Abramson


Jim Whitmore has lofty dreams of a bright political career. So when a well-connected friend invites him home for the weekend, the promise of rubbing shoulders with her congressman father and his professional associates is thrilling. What he doesn’t anticipate is meeting his friend’s sister, Katherine, an intriguing woman who immediately steals his heart. After witnessing the arrest of one of her father’s colleagues in congress, Katherine Hudson is far too aware of the strains of living in the spotlight of Washington politics. The last thing she wants is to date a future politician, yet despite some early misgivings, she can’t resist Jim Whitmore’s charm. But then Jim is accused of a crime he didn’t commit—a crime that could ruin his reputation and his and Katherine’s chance at happiness together. With both of their futures on the line, Jim and Katherine enlist the help of their families to prove Jim’s innocence and salvage their hopes and dreams that seem ready to shatter.

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