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Tennis Shoes Vol 7 The Golden Crown
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For Harry and Meagan, a homeward journey is about to begin . . . but something goes terribly wrong.

Hang on to your seats as the heart-pounding adventure of Harry Hawkins and Meagan Sorenson in the land of Jerusalem and the world of the Romans races toward its thrilling conclusion.

In a nightmarish twist of events, Harry finds himself in the midst of unforeseen enemies who seek to separate him from all he holds dear. To make matters worse, Garth Plimpton and Meagan are forced to make choices that could leave Harry permanently lost in time.

Harry's father and Meagan's mother enter the fray to save their families, while Harry knows that to survive he must somehow reach a land where resides a true apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. "We're all on a golden journey," Harry comes to learn, "inspired by golden dreams, and at the end awaits a golden crown of righteousness. "